Three energetic indie rock tracks that will make you remember the past and hope for the future

James Holt – “The Wedding”
-The easy going rock energy of the verses on this track is sure to make a lot of fans. But then… whew… the chorus of this track hits and it absolutely soars. It’s a wonderfully nostalgic sound. The quality of the vocal blending is sure to remind listeners of some really great rock bands over the years. The sound is a bit more polished than the famed Fab 4, but it’s not unrealistic to compare this to the Beatles. If you’re a fan of nostalgic rock harmonies, give this a spin.

Rooskin – “Just a town you’re passing throw”
-If you are looking for some retro vibes that feel a bit 70s with a modern polish, check out this new track from Rooskin. The energy of the track is definitely blending together different styles in a good way. If you’re a fan of classic straight rock flavor, this one will connect for you. There’s a romantic sense to the lyrics, but regardless of the lyrics it’s just a song that feels good to listen to. There’s something familiar and comfortable about the chord structure. It’s a good sit-back-and-relax poppy rock tune.

Modern Moxie – “Weeping Willow”
-There’s a vocal harmony on the “do you remember” part of this song that is sweetly and genuinely nostalgic. As you check out this song, pay attention to that. There are elements of the track that are almost theatrical in their construction, but there are these little nuggets of musical brilliance that really make me enjoy listening closely to this one. The lyrics have literary sparkles to them, requiring multiple listens to find all of the glimmers. This is a captivating piece of indie rock songwriting with layers that continue to satisfy with subsequent listens. As you listen, gently close your eyes and take this marvelous adventure.

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