Three new folk songs for your fall playlist

Sarah Gross – “Morningside”
-When I shared this song with my friends, I told them it was “casual greatness.” What I mean is that the song feels so sweetly true and the performance is great, almost as if it takes no effort. Of course the guitar and the vocal work are both outstanding and both reflect a mix of talent and experience. The phrasing on this song is wonderful. This is the kind of music that inspired me to want to write about music in the first place. I look forward to what’s next for Sarah Gross, but I will be wearing out “Morningside” until then. I feel good about this one. 🙂

Byung – “Silver lining”
-The chill beat of this song feels comfortable. The lyrics, though, are a lot more unsettling. Taking the two together feels a lot like life itself with the bittersweet realities of existence. Byung’s vocal is a bit understated and it works well with chilled out energy of the song overall. I appreciate the consistency of the vibe, especially as the electric guitars grow into more of a lush sound towards the chorus. This is a “put on the playlist and just vibe” type of track. We’re happy to support this pleasing atmospheric track.

John Hollywood – “Roger Allen”
-This song is an old school style folk song with a narrative basis much like Woody Guthrie. Even the theme, a social justice ballad about an unjust police murder, is appropriate for the genre. Hollywood’s style is minimalist and poignant, allowing the listener to connect with the tragic circumstances of the song. It is not our editorial policy to comment on too many political issues, but we encourage our readers to engage with Roger Allen’s humanity and Hollywood’s choice to memorialize him in this way. Please… just… listen… and feel the sadness. It’s a tragedy.

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