Three brave new rock acts to swoon over

The Kick Drums – “She Killed Me With Her Eyes”

Underneath the woozy guitar tone of “She Killed Me With Her Eyes”, lies an eclectic groove. The act blends all sorts of influences – from shoe gaze to trip hop to hip hop – that make listeners bob with newfound cockiness. The Cleveland talent has worked with trendsetters as diverse as MGK and Lana Del Rey. On “She Killed Me With Her Eyes”, the artist has completely won us over with an instrumental that picks up energy and focus until its last note. This is a sure fire hit you need to hear.

Blue J – “Something Happened”

When we think of the current state of indie rock, acts like Blue J are the quintessential poster act, pointing towards a new sonic direction. Undoubtedly, the act stands on shoulders as impressive  as the Pixies and Death Cab For Cutie, yet they also sound fresh, a product of 2021. The Canadian act has a welcoming and courageously building sound we love, while lyrically “Something Happened” has some of the tightest lines we have heard recently. This is expert musicianship at its most pure.

Secret Towns – “Lost in the Time”

Post Punk is one of those genres that is evident as soon as you hear it. This one however, is a little more ambiguous and ethereal. The sound is tight, dreamy, and emotive, while the vocals hum with longing nostalgia. “Lost in the Time” is a gem of a track from a band we previously were unaware of but are thankful to the powers that be for exposing us to. We especially love how the sound takes the lead in this track, while the vocals, which are just as refined, play behind the sonic wall. Secret Towns are an act that could easily be placed in any era of alternative music and thrive.

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