Anna Vincent Shines on Stunning “Naxos”

Anna Vincent – “Naxos”

Vincent has true indie cred. Fronting bands like Heavy Heart and My Tiger My Timing, while working with acts like Yuck has given here an eclectic mix of experience. Her talent truly blossoms on her latest solo release “Naxos”. When we hear the track, we are glad to hear the personal and heartfelt vibes that shine through. Recorded during lockdown, Vincent draws on some classic singer songwriters who undoubtedly enchant the young artist’s new direction. Instrumentally, “Naxos” floats in a dream-like state with an incredibly engaged piano part. Our site is fortunate enough to get some truly captivating music sent to us. Artists like Anna Vincent are one of those we may have not heard without doing this often thankless gig. To us, the music like hers is a lifeline in an uncertain time, and further encouragement to keep our ears open.

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