Quintessential Post Rock for All Tastes

John Ward – “What is it Now”

While we typically prefer instrumental post rock, Ward swayed us to change our mind. For “What is it Now”, the artist provides a sweeping sound that is only made better by his ethereal vocal parts. The track is a bit of mindfulness; a reprieve from a world burning with doubt. What Ward does so well is crafting a building space of peace and intention, while providing a sonic space to dream and even hope. We were reminded of 30 Seconds to Mars when we hear this track and cannot wait to hear more.

Flying Gravity – “The Rain is Coming”

Inspired by a coming storm, “The Rain is Coming” is a sweeping piece of sonic creativity. The artist offers a metaphoric soundtrack for the “storms” of our lives, while offering a small piece of shelter. The compelling bass offers a throughline sound in which the drums and guitars thrive. If we were to expose listeners to one track to properly showcase the style of post rock, it would be this one. The track soars and impresses.

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