Three new Americana tracks to bring some sunshine this early August (including a song of the year candidate)

Mike Fuller – “Ms Wrong”
-If you’re looking for an upbeat classic rock flavored track with a clever lyrical style, check out Mike Fuller’s latest track “Ms. Wrong.” The electric guitar work on the track will make you think you’ve stumbled across some Canned Heat or Lynrd Skynrd deep cuts. The southern rock vibes on this track are sure to make a lot of fans. Fuller’s sound is enough to capture your attention and if you’ve ever been on a date you shouldn’t have been on… uh… the lyrics will resonate. It’s a jam. I can picture me n’ the boys drinking a few tall ones shooting pool with this on in the background, easy.

Ben Navarro – “Time to time”
-The immediate opening of the track is a bit haunting, but if you stick with it the energy shifts to a beautiful and inspiring perspective. It’s a love song that shifts from a reflective acoustic tune to an inspiring folk rock song. The poetic lyrics are the glue that holds the composition together. Navarro’s sound is intriguing as it patches together a few identifiable styles; there’s a dash of Ryan Adams style modern Americana with what feels like a mid-20th century slide guitar style more akin to country music. The alchemy between the styles makes for a captivating result. This one is worth spinning for fans of a wide range of Americana sounds.

Oliver Hazard – “Fly Right”
-Alright, now this is a love song. It’s flirty and fun. It’s also a gloriously well-produced piece of music. For anyone who has ever stood behind a sound board, balancing whispered-style vocals with instruments can be a real challenge. To balance these voices and capture the intimacy of the recording is nothing short of… well, a work of art. I love the harmonies (obviously) and I’m definitely a fan of the way the intimacy of the vocal performance matches the intimacy of the lyrical message. It’s so good, I’m considering it a song of the year candidate. You just might hear more about this one in December. What an absolute GEM!

Image courtesy: Oliver Hazard IG

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