Contemplative and Cool Instrumentals

The Carrots – “Say Yeah”

We really like the slow groove of this one. It unfolds like a summer drive down the coast. Anchored with a set of guitars, “Say Yeah” takes listeners on a journey through the valleys of psych and indie folk. Typically, we lean more toward post rock in this space, but this one is just too compelling not to cover. We believe that good music makes you feel something, and this act brings a strong sense of nostalgia, reflection, and even hope with them.

Uto Paradise – “Dreamland”

If ever there was a perfect night time instrumental, “Dreamland” is it. Blending both eerie and strangely hopeful synth, the track has a smoothness to it that is pretty incredible. The Zurich act are intentional with their construction. It would be easy to rush or try to dazzle with their skill, but instead they let the track breathe. While it is definitely a slow burner, around 3 minutes in, it picks up a bit before fully dissolving.

A Sea of Dead Trees – “Vallis Lacrimarum”

This one is not completely an instrumental, but we include it because of the beauty of its instrumentation. We have covered the solo act from Glasgow before and are always blown away at his vulnerability and talent. This track tells the story of the artist’s battle with depression and anxiety, and the feelings of nothing helping. “I have tried love, but I’ll never learn” is chanted throughout the track as it rises musically. With our own mental health struggles, we found a kindred spirit in the art and mastery of A Sea of Dead Trees. This track is special, especially if you like sweeping post rock tracks.

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