Three new tracks with a groove to put a smile on your face

Still Waters – “Fly away”
-This song has it all. There’s a nice groove, a quality lead vocal, and some lovely balanced production. It will have you singing along, clapping along, and dreaming of better days. It’s about the inherent desire to escape your current current circumstances. Sometimes it feels a little vintage and other times it feels really fresh. The combination of classic sounds and a timeless lyrical concept makes the track pop in the contemporary music scene. Throw it on your playlist and you’ll dig it every lesson; trust me on this one.

Eli Lev – “Dancin’ on the lawn”
-If you’re looking for a danceable groove, check out this new track from Eli Lev. The effect on the vocal creates this sense of celebration and party. It’s certainly the kind of track that will get the crowd moving. It’s a fun loving track “waiting for something to happen… and when it happens I’ll be dancin’ on the lawn.” What a bright way to capture the sense of anticipation. Living in this day and age of soooo much doom scrolling, we all collectively need a track like this to throw off our inhibitions and groove out for a bit.

The Shivas – “If I could choose”
-From the first time I clicked play on this track, I knew it was a yes for me. The syncopated rhythm works into a fun groove that defies genre. Even the lyrics have this timeless tone to them. The overall sound feels like it was bottled in the 1960s and then shaken up like a mixed drink for several decades before being served “fresh.” The effects on the electric guitars and the vocals are both unbelievably pleasing to the ear. Is this saturation? I don’t know what to call the studio magic, but I will say this; it’s a good song at the core. The studio magic just makes it all the more satisfying. Get your toes tapping to this genre-defying, chronology-defying wonder track.

Image courtesy: The Shivas IG

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