3 Diverse and Extraordinary Songwriters

mou – “Gone Cold”

In the world of contemplative singer songwriters, few are as talented as mou. The Australian songwriter shows his expert craftsmanship on his newest track, “Gone Cold”. Contemplating on his struggle with parental figures, the artist touches on something we can all connect to, something deeply human. While this is surely enough to garner praise, his instrumentation on the track is equally as exceptional. “Gone Cold” is an arresting single which should draw much deserved fans to a true artist.

Rascal Miles – “Baby Baby”

One cannot but be in awe of the sway of the music of Rascal Miles. The artist truly shines on the bouncy “Baby Baby”. With quirky songwriting, Miles shows a whimsy missing in the world today. A shining indie folk gem, the track checks all the necessary boxes while venturing out into its own authentic territory. It is worth noting that the artist plays all the instruments on the track, furthering our respect for this rising artist.

Mr. Kite (Jacob Beckwith) – “Modern Sonata”

We dig the blended unique sound of Mr. Kite. Mixing Stones sensibilities, with Pavement tinged grunge rock, the artist crafts something terrific on his “Modern Sonata”. There is a great sound crafted here, while still having a hopeful Wilco type spirit that surpasses adequate description. This is our first exposure to the artist, but we hope to have more from this project to share shortly. Mr. Kite is an artist that can pull from as many fanbases as styles he beautifully weaves into his work.

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