Compelling Rock That Surprises and Surpasses Genre

Senior Recreation – “All of This Will End”

Our love for post rock is well documented. However, with Senior Recreation, we found something fresh to explore. While definitely positioned in our much beloved genre, the act play fast and biting without giving in to the large sonic builds and soars the style is known for. The duo make an exceptionally intricate and moving sound that surpasses their mere numbers. Listeners of all types will appreciate “All of This Will End”.

Conversing With Oceans – “Wasted”

In the history of our site, Conversing With Oceans has been one of the acts we have chosen to cover perhaps the most. Musically, they are a surprise, weaving hope into the most dire of situations. On “Wasted”, the artist work with Soren Bryce (blackbear, Mike Posner) to craft a nod to those wrestling with addiction. Their brand of electronic pop is fully realized on the track and we believe this one will resonate with many.

Showalter – “Where Are We Going?”

This one has a straight ’90’s rock vibe. We appreciate how it builds with sonic layers, as well as the spot on drum work. Inspired by a tense experience at a abortion clinic, the artist beautifully tells the story of a intensely private and public matter. Given our own convictions on the matter, it was difficult for us to choose coverage knowing the backstory. It was the grace found in the artist, their personal storytelling and sound that made us reconsider. We are glad we did.

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