Cover Songs!!!!! We Cover the Covers!

We have a real treat for you all today. As you may know, our staff is extremely selective on what cover songs we hype. The amount we receive is truly daunting. Yet, when we do accept and choose to show some editorial love, you can count on them being special. These few tracks are just that.

BATTS – “Everything is Free” (Gillian Welch)

BATTS is one of the most exceptional artists we have had the privilege to cover in recent years. Original and intentional, the artist continues to surprise with her decision to cover a live show favorite. We did not know previously that the gifted songwriter was a Welch fan, but it makes total sense. There is a vulnerability and rugged lovelorn feel of Welch that BATTS captures on “Everything is Free”. Due to lockdown, BATTS chose to put this one on record. We are glad she did and believe listeners will be blown away.

Richard Ward – “Tougher Than the Rest” (Bruce Springsteen)

This singer songwriter captures the spirit of the Boss, without completely emulating. After receiving a new microphone, this was the track Ward chose as the test. He dug the sound so much, he brought it to life completely. We think Ward has a lot of similarities, yet has his own grit and songwriting spirit. He brings out the true courage it takes to commit to love. If you like this, definitely check out some of his originals.

Tow’rs – “Boots of Spanish Leather” (Bob Dylan)

The shared vocals on this one are exceptional. The choice to start with the female voice is appreciated and sets the tone for what is one of the better Dylan covers we have heard. The storytelling is still captured here, yet the duo bring their own stillness and intention to the classic. We can imagine this one capturing a live audience and hope they are able to perform live soon.

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