Thought Provoking Artists We Admire

Matthew McNeal – “Tired of Believing”

The instrumentation alone makes this track an absolute gem. With a warm ’70’s vibe, the track unfolds like a carefree drive down the coast. McNeal is an alluring songwriter with a bent for existential pondering. His talent is definitely found in his songwriting, however, he is able to put his tight songwriting in a groove that requires dancing as much as it does thought. His is a talent we are super stoked to discover and believe listeners will have plenty of gold to pan in his catalogue.

Sister. – “Hideaway”

The heart of “Hideaway” is open and earnest. Sister. are an exceptional alt folk act who demand attention with their thoughtful expression. The three piece act strips back the unnecessary, relying on their talent instead. The instrumentation has an almost haunting quality that provides an incredible space for the shared vocals that are completely arresting. Sonically, there is a well crafted mood here you need to hear in order to fully grasp. The act are preparing a 4 track EP, and we cannot be more excited.

Icarus Phoenix – “All The Same”

The Montana act Icarus Phoenix demand a few listens. With each spin, the level of intricacy and talent heightens. Lyrically, we noticed immediately how artful and compelling the songwriting is. Musically, the act are well textured, with chemistry that is obvious. The music video for “All the Same” is equally as artistic and can be experienced by itself with admiration. This is a rare act who are able to engage listeners on many levels. They are as complete artists as they come.

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