Our Current Favorite Instrumentals

Hollow Chapels – “In Lieu Of”

If ever a band name captured the feel of a band, it is Hollow Chapels. Blending an almost haunting loneliness with a progressive instrumentation, “In Lieu Of” is a deliberate gem of a track. The post rockers take their time in a way similar to a lot of psych styles. As a three-piece, the act are able to construct a sometimes heavy sound that is larger than their mere heartbeats. Yes, it has a classic build and swell of instrumentation, but it is the space constructed in the in-between that makes this act highly compelling.

Havana Swim Club – “Lagoon”

After the birth of his first child and a worldwide isolation via pandemic and the intense study of a Doctorate in counseling psychology, artist Dan Koch (Sherwood) saw music as a welcomed reprieve. With his latest project, Havana Swim Club, the mood is very hopeful, summery, and fun. Blending samples with various tropical styles, the music transports listeners to a more carefree place while still crafting a jam that bounces and requires you to dance. “It might seem counterintuitive that a bearded, flannel-wearing Norwegian from the woods outside Seattle would be making tropical-influenced pop in the dead of winter,” states Koch. “But now I see it as the inevitable result of our quarantine experience. Like everyone, we needed an escape from our four walls. We had wanted to find music that was good for the baby, so my wife started playing Bossa Nova for our son when he was tiny. On dark, rainy days, she would dance with him to these old records.” The overall track is pretty awesome and we think listeners from all corners of genre preference will dig it.

HOLM – “Flickering Leaves”

These Zurich based artists are prepping their second full release, In Gardens, and if it is anything like our first taste, then count us intrigued. Their ability to craft an intentional sonic landscape is impressive. “Flickering Leaves” is a gem of a slow burner. Adding layers and textures throughout, it is as eerie as it is compelling. HOLM has a talent for letting a track breathe without rushing toward a climax. We are excited to hear more from the act.

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