Three indie folk artists to set the tone for a good week

Couchsleepers – “After all”
-The subtle composition here is really appealing to me. The energy is definitely engaging but it’s not an in-your-face kind of song. I also really like the untainted piano work in the interlude. The whole mix on the track has a fresh style that stands out from the crowd. The layers feel almost orchestral in their style, yet the song has these chill elements as well. It’s an unexpected and refreshing take on the indie folk genre.

Brother Ryan – “Eller”
-If you’re looking for an engaging acoustic singer songwriter, check out Brother Ryan’s latest “Eller.” It’s got a nice combination of acoustic guitar with some more atmospheric guitar work in the background. The lyrics are about seeking the truth in the past. “I see artifacts in broken memories stuck to every corner of my mind.” Wow. That’s not just a lyric, it’s a piece of literature. This is a profound track that is certainly worth your time. Fans of indie folk music will find a lot to like on this one.

Julie Lavery – “Underground”
-If you’re looking for a remarkable folk vocalist, look no further than the inimitable Julie Lavery. We’ve covered her music a few times here recently and it’s easy to hear why. There’s a timeless quality to the way the vocal resonates over the track. It’s easy to make comparisons to classic greats like Joni Mitchell when listening to Lavery’s smooth and inviting vocal style. Heck, there’s even a bit of a Gwen Stefani (during the No Doubt years) tone to the vocal; Lavery’s work is worth your attentive listening ear.

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