Excellent New Artists

Orly Raquel – “Dante”

We have wanted to share this one for months now. As soon as it went live, we were completely compelled to shine a light on its sensual beauty. Orly Raquel has both a worldly and otherworldly quality that makes her art compelling. The sway of “Dante” transports listeners to the time of the Divine Comedy, perfecting soundtracking a tale of lovelorn and purgatory. Raquel is a highly creative and intelligent songwriter, yet her sound speaks to something more visceral in all of us.

Dean St. – “To Wait.”

Honestly, we could listen to this duo sing the phonebook and completely swoon. The folk leaning piano ballad has a beautiful movement, yet lyrically . . . wow. Wrestling with existential questions of the divine, “To Wait.” is some of the sharpest and poignant songwriting we have heard this year. Our site has always attempted to highlight the best theological explorations we come across and with this duo, we have met our own contemplation, set to earnest instrumentation.

Julien’s Daughter – “The Dealer’s Hand

These Canadian rockers have restored our faith in the modern scene up North. They mix a blend of spinning alt styles, with an almost shoe gaze vibe with the result being pretty special. We dig the echoed vocals and how they play hypnotically through the track. It is difficult to fully classify – this sound that is both familiar and modern. We are fully in love with the band’s artistic direction and cannot wait to hear more sonic explorations from the talented act.

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