The BEST New Rock

The Florets – “Tip Toe”

If you are looking for a classic cool rock sound, then check out this Melbourne act. The 5-piece act has the perfect blend of alt style, psych infused sound that makes them a critic’s perfect darling. The styles are well blended on “Tip Toe” and is the perfect introduction to the sometimes quirky but always engaging band. The intriguing act have some great music on the horizon and we think fans of all genres can appreciate their craft.

The Covasettes – “Watching All The Good Ones Go”

Sometimes a track just hits us and we find it difficult to fully describe why. “Watching All the Good Ones Go” is the type of track that is near perfect, needing little explanation why. Feeling familiar as well as new, The Covasettes have a style that will lift spirits with their anthemic lyrics and hopeful sound. The act has found the rare ground between pop accessibility and rock credibility, and we are sure this will only serve them as they continue their much deserved ascent.

Moon Walker – “The TV Made Me Do It”

These mates have funk for days. Sound wise, they are incredibly engaging and able to connect to anyone with a pulse. However, on tracks like “The TV Made Me Do It”, the duo show how incredible they are at weaving poignant social commentary while still forcing even ardent hips to move. Moon Walker blend a surprising amount of styles that make us assume their record collection has to be as impressive as the act themselves. New favorite act? Possibly.

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