Three singer songwriters to help you make it through the week

Leonard Herron – “Turquoise”
-The first time I heard this song from Leonard Herron, I could immediately connect with the mood. It’s subtle, personable, and calm. Herron’s vocal is approachable, accessible, familiar even. The guitar work feels like a jovial brand of folk rock when you get to the chorus. The whole composition feels like an old friend you haven’t talked to since high school. You’re just so glad to see them again. That’s how I feel listening to this one.

Darryl Rahn – “Lauren”
-If you’ve been around my coverage of singer songwriters for any length of time, you’ll know the name of Darryl Rahn. In a field where we “don’t pick favorites,” Rahn is one of my favorite songwriters. The easy going storytelling style here is evident. Inspired by inflections of Dylan’s storytelling and maybe some early 90s production tidbits, Rahn brings something fresh to every song, including this one “Lauren.” It’s always interesting hearing someone give voice to a main character that is so relatable for listeners. Why is she still awake? What’s going on? Does it even matter? I hope Lauren is okay and I just met her a few minutes ago. This is empathy in song and I love it.

Jenna and the Janes – “When spring comes”
-The acoustic energy in the opening of the track is really endearing. The vocal style feels comfortable, ushering the listener from a good solo vocal to a gorgeous vocal blending with the harmonies. The melody and overall composition defies genre in the best way. Sometimes it feels folk and other times pop country, but no matter what you call it the sound is enjoyable. As we move out of the spring season and into summer, the song will have you thinking about a hopeful time of year.

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