Cold War Kids Roar Back With “What You Say”

We have long been fans of Cold War Kids. Every time we are lucky enough to get music from them, we are ushered into tight rock done with earnestness but that is also extremely fun. Their latest effort, “What You Say”, shows their trademark soulful vocals and expertly crafted sound, yet leans more toward a Nile Rogers vibe. It is always fun to hear different influences with an act who keeps getting better. The video is a fun look behind the scenes of music video creation, showing the band never fears bringing listeners behind the curtain.

“I think all of us want to reveal “our full selves“ to someone who truly understands. But when we do we expose ourselves to judgment, to criticism. so we don’t wanna give ourselves away too easily. That’s why poetry is awesome, it’s not politicizing, it speaks to our deeper, universal stuff. What you say is a big deal, your words have power.” – Nathan Willett

We appreciate Cold War Kids for many reasons and hope you are as excited as we are to hear new music from the gang.

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