Three introspective neoclassical pieces to give your wandering mind some direction

Barry Hudson-Taylor – “Better Days”
-Followers of my neoclassical coverage will be no stranger to Barry Hudson-Taylor. His composition style hits the nail on the head with neoclassical. It’s magical, light, and meandering. I’m not sure if these “better days” are the halcyon past or the hopeful future, but they certainly feel optimistic and refreshing. There’s a conscious lightness in the striking of the keys and the rhythm of this composition that sits delightfully with the listener. This is a beautiful piece.

Melany Thompson – “Along the way”
-The calming energy of this piece is evident from first listen. The melody rolls from one idea to another with a light, hopeful style to it. It’s nice to hear some repetitions in the cadence without the song itself feeling repetitive. The use of space allows the listener’s mind to wander a bit. I’m not sure where the “destination” is in this piece, but the concept of contemplating who you are and where you’re going “along the way” strikes me as philosophically important and personally timely.

Klaas Bombeke – “Imperfect choices”
-The cathartic piano work on this track is really quite mesmerizing. I had not heard Bombeke’s work before this submission, but was immediately struck by its energy. As someone who has made some imperfect choices in my own life, I can’t help but feel the tension in this. While at times bringing great calm, there are other moments that feel unsettled and almost anxious. It’s a meditative piece of writing and sure to garner the attention of many listeners who find their relaxation quizzically interupted despite the peacful energy of the recording.

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