Best Summer Playlist Adds

Japanese Wallpaper – “Leave A Light On”

With summer creeping over a new horizon of freedom, you will need a soundtrack. Look no further than Australian act Japanese Wallpaper. “Leave A Light On” is the quintessential indie pop hit that will play perfectly with a summer drive or party. The sound glimmers with tight sound and hopeful bounce. While the young act were not on our radar previously, they certainly are front and center now with this gem of a track.

Kai Straw – “Show Them Who it Made You”

We love it when a song that does not fit our typical curmudgeonly genre preference, absolutely blows us away. Enter Kai Straw and his assured style. The track is definitely large and engaged, yet it is his story that really had us blown away. Before the virus, he worked an overnight job and would create music when he got off around 5am. After the virus, he lost his job and put all his work into crafting the art in front of you. His inspirational story is appreciated, yet his music is truly stunning. Layered with tight instrumentation and samples, “Show Them Who it Made You” takes listeners on a sonic journey that is unlike any of the tracks we typically cover. This one is a fun listen.

The Foons – “Traveling”

This alt act is pretty special. The synth heavy “Traveling” leans into sounds similar to LCD Soundsystem and Pixies, yet stands on its own in creativity. Lyrically, it is easy to skip just how great it is. With a sound like this, one might not expect such tight and clever songwriting, but this is what makes The Foons so damn special. “Traveling” is the third release from an upcoming album, and it shows the band truly hitting their identity in stride. We cannot wait to hear more from this truly original act.

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