A pair of neoclassical pieces from two site favorite composers Hideyuki Hashimoto and Piotr Wiese

Hideyuki Hashimoto – “Page”
-As an avid reader, I have to say I am curious if the page referenced in the title here is about reading. Is this a song about a book? Or perhaps about the joy of reading? There’s a curious and light optimism to the melody that really makes me think it might be about a journey or a story in a book. I always comment on how much I enjoy the recording style from Hashimoto, but on this one it’s the melody I love. It’s comforting and calming.

Piotr Wiese – “When the raindrops begin to cry”
-The understated production style here really pulls me into the piece right away. It’s calm and quiet, yet also quite compelling. What is the statement of the piece? What is the message here? It feels enigmatic and intriguing. The title doesn’t give us much direction. Is this about the environment? Is it about our internal monologue and emotional well being? It seems to be a lot of things. I love that it is not rushed; the song unfolds with careful energy. I enjoy it.

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