Soaring Rock “Within Walls” from Paper Anthem

The music of Paper Anthem has been deeply meaningful for us. The engine of the creative artist Joseph Hitchcock, their music can be classified as echoed piano rock, but even that fails to do justice. With a deep songwriting talent, Paper Anthem is the best vehicle for showcasing just how special Hitchcock and his surrounding band are. Lyrically, it seems every track has an anthemic quality that elicit impassioned sing-backs. We can only imagine just how great a Paper Anthem show will be as venues start opening and fans return to such events. If there was ever an act built for live performance, it is this one. In each video, which is also expertly crafted, the act produces with earnest energy and beauty. “Within Walls”, the newest single from the album The Year Youll Never Get Back, is a good introduction to a wonderful and surprising catalogue of indie pop leaning rock. The song is a siren song to lost love and missed opportunities, but just as all their tracks, has layers of meaning. We cannot recommend this act and their art enough.

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