Three enigmatic pop acts for your summertime playlist

GoldFord – “Dreams of Summertime”
-There’s an expressive acoustic energy to this track that pulls the listener in right away. Stick around because the track really picks up with an upbeat soulful rock style as well. The whole thing is a delight from start to finish. The syncopated energy, “everybody dreams of summertime” is perfect. Even though the lyrics are mostly sad, the positivity of the song is about bouncing back even when life is hard. This is a quintessential hard-working American style anthem that deserves consideration for your personal, inspiring playlist.

Kyle Rathburn – “The Moon Revisited”
-If you’re looking for an acoustic-based indie pop style, give Rathburn a spin. The track fits well with the kind of acoustic folk music we often feature, but if you listen a bit more closely you’ll hear a sort of Edwin McCann vibe to it as well. It hints at shades of the acoustic-based alt rock that was big in the 1990s. No matter the comparison, Rathburn will inspire listeners to contemplate some of those deeper personal thoughts about persevering even when life gets difficult. That’s what we liked most about this one — when the moon bleeds red tonight, remember this beautiful and inspiring piece of music.

Shae Brock – “Blue”
-I appreciated the lush arrangement on this track from first listen. The synths felt a little 80s in some places, but overall they helped to serve an intriguing atmospheric vibe. The overall energy of the track is sure to stand out for fans of big synth productions like the work of Phil Collins. If you are looking for an atmospheric track for your playlist, give Shae Brock a strong consideration.

Image courtesy: Shae Brock IG

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