Three Americana tracks to end your week peacefully

Jackson Emmer – “90s Tacoma”
-Written with the relaxing energy of classic country music, Emmer brings a charming story of… a truck. The overall song has a lot of smirk-worthy clever lyrics. The country swing is really good and one could imagine changing out the lyrics for a woman or a drink. But the covetousness about a truck that he can’t have… it’s just too dang good.

Kevin Childs – “Darlin Rue”
-If you keep up with our Americana coverage, you’ll recognize this name from a few days ago. I featured another track by Childs. His songwriting is really solid and the production on this album is really enjoyable. I appreciate how the narrative emerges so clearly. If you’ve ever been in love and feel that transcendent connection with another person, this song will absolutely speak to your soul. Childs writes with an everyman acumen and a pointed, believeable style. This song is a gem and I’m proud to feature it here.

Mara Connor – “Come here (Kath Bloom cover)”
-A lot of times when I hear a cover, I know the original well and so I balance the cover off of that original. In this case, I had never heard the original and was able to enjoy Connor’s style without that comparison. I really admire the sincerity in Connor’s voice. This is the second cover of hers I’ve featured (which is extremely rare). The entire mood of this composition is intimate and engaging. If you’re looking for a song for that date night playlist, I would definitely recommend this one. It’s so very sweet and Connor’s voice is delightful.

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