Rock Roundup: Acts that Challenge the Typical

Summer League – “Everything Was Over”

If you like large rock sounds, with tight lyrical dynamics, then give Summer League a listen. “Everything Was Over” is dripping with relational nostalgia and clever sing-a-long lines. This is the first single off their debut album, which was pushed back during the pandemic. The band shows resilience and massive talent on this exceptional introduction.

Doom Bloom – “I Will”

We are here for all this band has to offer. The shoe gaze style on this one is shimmering, reminding us of some of our favorite acts. The San Diego duo dip into classic genres, while still staying refreshingly current and creative. “I Will” is an emotive track built on an impressive wall of sound that is unrivaled in modern music. Doom Bloom burst into our favorite acts without warning, and we have a feeling, they will be on top for awhile.

Monsters & Motherships – “Tiger Nebula”

We tend to give as much coverage to instrumental genres as we can. We figure, if it can keep our attention throughout a track in an age of such distraction, then it has to be shared. “Tiger Nebula” is one such track. Leaning into post rock, the band builds a huge rock sound that makes listeners move and take a sonic journey. The track is a little heavier and guitar driven then what we typically cover, but it is beautifully textured and compelling. The Czech act have a lot to offer for fans of all types of rock.

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