Three new singer songwriters you’ll want to put on your playlist immediately

Leanna Firestone – “Two week notice”
-This is one of the most clever songs I have heard in years. Usually a theme like this breaks down by the second verse, but it doesn’t with Firestone. This is a remarkable layered lyrical message that makes the breakup guy sound like an absolute deadbeat. The number of retail terms rolled into this (like loss prevention) is actually pretty surprising. The piano work is fine, but it’s the Taylor Swift-like expressive lyrical style is really interesting. I find this track to be fascinating and really brightly written. I hope someone tweets this to TSwift. I think she’d love it.

The Song Tailors – “Forever”
-If you’re looking for a pop-influenced singer songwriter sound, look no further than The Song Tailors. The jazzy energy is what really caught my ear with this one. The vocal inflections throughout the track are really complex, but the lead singer pulls them off really well. It’s a love song, ostensibly, but it’s also a really well written jazz expression of the hope of a long term relationship. If you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd, spin this one.

Gawain and the Green Knight – “Fingers”
-There’s a beautiful, light folk energy to this track. From the start, the listener feels an intimacy that is evident and quite comfortable. If you’d ever laid in bed tangled up with your lover, you’ll connect with this one. It’s a reflective, intimate style from start to finish. It’s nice to know that love songs can be sincere in such a genuine way. Honestly, it reminds me of something that the Civil Wars could have written. Acoustic folk fans will love this.

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