Three new folk songs to brighten your midweek

Edwin – “Heart watered down”
-If you’re looking for an iconic folk style, give Edwin a chance. Everything about this recording from the acoustic guitar to the lyrical depth feels like it came from the golden age of folk music. There’s a Gordon Lightfoot energy to this recording that is sure to surprise a lot of people (in a good way). The intellectual lyrical content requires a bit of concentration, but is really quite rewarding. I am glad to have found such an intriguing, unconventional new folk artist.

Christopher Paul Stelling – “Cutting Loose”
-The acoustic fingerpicking on this track is really fantastic. The quality of the lead vocal emerges clearly from the start of the track, giving a characteristic and intriguing style. If you miss the brightness of the 60s folk revival, you’ll want to add Christopher Paul Stelling to your playlists. The higher pitched croon on the chorus sets apart the sound from the more gruff parts of the vocal on the verses. The juxtaposition works really well with the cathartic and consistent acoustic guitar work. The whole composition is excellent.

Kevin Childs – “Permanent”
-The acoustic guitar work on this song is quite mesmerizing, but the lyrics are so undeniably approachable and charming that they kind of steal the show. The combination of these two aspects makes for a wonderful sonic experience. The electric guitar work setting up the bridge helps to create some additional unique textures. The song is a wonderful connector between the classic folk past and the modern new folk sound. It’s a joy and I hope Childs becomes a permanent fixture in the 21st century folk scene.

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