Three singer songwriters with carefully reflective lyrics

Allison Ponthier – “Harshest Critic”
-If you are any type of creative, you will be able to relate to this track about being your own hashest critic. The clever lyrics are absolutely intriguing. Ponthier has an incredibly good voice and I’m honestly surprised this is our first time hearing from her. The clever chord changes and excellent acoustic guitar work is enough to stand on its own, but adding in a very memorable lyrical construct makes the song an immediate stand out. I look forward to hearing even more from this promising, emerging artist. I will certainly not be overly critical of Ponthier’s performance; I love it.

Katherine Priddy – “Eurydice”
-If you haven’t clicked play on this song yet, sit down. Put on headphones. Shut off all other devices. Prepare yourself for what you are about to hear. This is not “just a song.” This is a sonic experience. Katherine Priddy’s voice is incredible, as always, but the song has a production style that defies typical “singer songwriter” energy. From the opening, there’s a cinematic power to it. By the time the vocal emerges on the chorus, your ears will thank you far more than you can put into words. Thoughtful, contemplative, and deliciously intriguing, the lyrics will have you listening over and over. This is a total package, reminiscent of how I felt when I discovered the work of Alexander Wolfe, and every bit as captivatingly genre-bending.

Miles Newsom – “Second Place”
-I thought about putting this song on an Americana playlist because it could fit there as well, but really Newsom just deserves to be heard. The heartfelt honesty in the lyrics remind me of the people that I grew up with over the years. It’s just a no-nonsense sincerity that comes through. But for me, it’s the little electric guitar riffs over a classic folk rock core track that works for me. This reminds me of the type of track that could have come out in the mid-70s and a lot of people would have spun and enjoyed it.

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