Glom Are Our Favorite Indie Rockers

Glom – “Immortalized”

We are here for everything this act puts out. Glom are trademark indie rock, complete with shimmery and fuzzed out guitar work and emotive lyrics. We have been fans of their style for awhile, but what “Immortalized” does is something rare. The track has a warm sound that is both nostalgic and forward thinking – sounding like other favorite acts while still being impressively different. The now six-piece act constructs a towering sound while not getting bogged down on sonic perfection. Brilliance is often described as the ability to make the complicated simple. While many large acts over layer and texture tracks, Glom relies on chemistry to craft meaningful art that surprises without overthinking. With their sophomore album, Merit, we imagine the group will continue garnering a much deserved spot on top of the indie rock scene.

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