The Best New Rock

Lost Woods – “Sleep”

We would honestly be surprised if “Sleep” does not make Lost Woods a household name. Their beautifully crafted wall of sound comes back aces on their follow-up. This is quintessential indie rock. The track has a deep breath of dreamy wandering, while vocally it is near arresting. The tight Aussie rock act are sure to find a growing fanbase in the year to come.

Picnic Lightning – “Pre-Pangea”

This is a near perfect piece of post punk goodness. We could not wait to cover this one and share such a ferociously unique sound with you. Their fuzzed guitar echo plays well to their spatial reckoning lyrics of “Pre-Pangea”. Vocally we know that it might not be for everyone, but it is just right for the sound the act confidently crafts. Picnic Lightning is a force of grit and earnest rock which is sure to bring even staunch rock listeners into their mature punk infused fold.

Secondhand Sound – “Dominoes”

This four-piece out of Nashville has a youthful rock energy while still playing beyond their age. Their sound is almost experimental, as it shifts through familiar sounds with the drop of a musical hat. It was intriguing how many influences we heard in “Dominoes”, which is part of the band’s indelible charm. The sound is tight, but also fun, as they duck and weave through genre, while still giving listeners one hell of a rock experience. It is difficult not to hear Secondhand Sound and smile ear to ear.

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