Three poppy singer songwriters to provoke your emotions

Jack Kessell – “Let me forget you”
-If you’re looking for an easy going folk tune that will have you reflecting on lost love, give Jack Kessell’s latest a spin. Something about his lonesome, crooning sincerity reminds me of the great Scott Avett. The expressive melodic style reminds me of a classic folk rock energy, rolling into the emotional lyrics very well. If you’ve ever wished you could go back in time and make things right with an old flame, this song is for you. Give it a spin.

Sean Christopher – “Boundless”
-We’ve covered Sean Christopher in the past, so when we get a new track from him we look forward to it. This song has a thoughtful, almost plaintive sincerity to it. The acoustic guitar creates a soft bed upon which the vocals and other production elements lay. The reflective lyrical style works really well with Christopher’s expressive vocal stylings. The mood of the whole track is in that indie pop folk realm. This comparison might feel a little out of left field, but I have the impression that fans of a band like Coldplay will really like what this song is doing.

Seth Baer – “No second chances”
-There was a whole spate of indie pop folk artists that came to the fore in the early 2000s, especially on YouTube, that seemed to capture the kind of poppy energy that Seth Baer has here. It’s nice to hear that sound coming back a bit. I’m think of artists like Shawn Mendes and Alex Goot in particular. If you appreciate that soothing pop sensibility, you’ll find a lot to like from the emerging singer songwriter Seth Baer. The sense of melody and expressive lyric work do a great job of establishing a likeable pop track.

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