Tuesday’s Best New Artists

Fly Felix – “Hope You’re Alright”

“Hope You’re Alright” is moving and witty in a way few tracks are. The video is perfectly distanced for this pandemic age, yet it connects us as listeners, breaking social barriers with sonic movement. The performance, though distanced, is tight and shows that even space cannot break the band’s palpable chemistry. This is the title track for their much anticipated EP which should arrive later this summer. This might be one our favorite finds this year.

Jessie Reid – “Wake Up”

UK songwriter Jessie Reid continues to craft slow burning and vulnerable tracks that glimmer with talent. Reid is one of the more intriguing artists we have covered in recent years, and we think “Wake Up” is the perfect introduction for listeners who have yet to hear her. The single builds throughout, utilizing various instrumentation that is surprising but perfectly blended. While vocally, her signature croon is a rare talent that will keep us engaged no matter what happens in the sound. She has an honesty in her art, as if she is providing some hard fought truth. “Wake Up” is an excellent showcase of this.

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