Mark Fossen Offers Heartfelt Track for His Children

Mark Fossen – “Kid”

This one made us a little weepy. Songwriter Mark Fossen strikes an emotive chord with his heartfelt “Kid”. The track is a sort of historic statement to his two children. After realizing the temporal nature of life, he felt that if he was to pass unexpectedly, there would be little record of his deep love for them. As a newer father myself, it resonated deeply with me and I believe will be well received by parents of any age. There is a mix of incredible joy and dread in parenting, but Fossen sincerely crafts a track that hopes for better, despite his flawed humanity. While many tracks can be overly sentimental, the veteran songwriter creates with honesty and an authentic heart that does not play to sap or cliche. If you love honest songwriting from a genuine artist, then Mark Fossen is a must hear.

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