Three BRAND new folk tunes that just released today

Phillip Jonathan – “Seafront”
-The narrative style of this track spoke to me from first listen. I also really appreciate the unhurried composition style. In a world of so many handclaps and “get to the hook as soon as possible” tunes, it’s nice to hear a delightfully expressive tune. The lyrics are more prosaic than a typical folk song (in the best way possible). But there’s nothing I could say here to prepare you for the energy and power of the guitar solo that rips into the middle of this lulling acoustic folk tune. The juxtaposition is as satisfying as it is surprising. This is a gem.

Hadley Kennary – “Crooked roots”
-We’ve covered Hadley Kennary in the past, so I was eager to hear this new track when we received it. You can hear from one quick listen just how good it is; the production (especially when the harmony vocals enter) is incredibly well done. Kennary’s solo vocal is enough to make the most calloused music blogger’s heart go a-flutter, but then adding in harmonies just make it all the better. This is one of those tracks that you enjoy on first listen, but then dig a little deeper in the lyrics in subsequent listens. It has layers and each one is fascinating. Who are you? Where have you been and where are you going? All valid questions. “Call it an identity crisis.” Stop reading my diary, Hadley. đŸ™‚

Michael Witt – “Older”
-This is a gorgeous composition. The acoustic guitar is the heartbeat, but the rest of the strings make this a magnificent chamber folk piece. Actually, heck with the genre stuff, this is just a really interesting song. It has layers of complexity that all serve one purpose; to convey the lyrical message about reflecting on a complex moment in life. I will say the main melody reminds me of “Oceans” by Hillsong United. That said, the personable lyrics and impressive guitar work definitely stand out for us on this one.

Image courtesy: Hadley Kennary IG

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