Three rock-influenced Americana tunes to liven up your midweek

Ben Meyers – “Thunder”
-There’s a driving rhythm to this track that I really appreciate. The expressive vocal style goes a long time in connecting the track to a wide range of genres. This is not the typical Americana that a lot of curators might point to, but we’re happy to feature it here. The rowdy energy of the chorus is definitely my favorite part; it’s basically a hook up song with a bit more poetic lyrics and up tempo classic instrumentation. Spin it if you like rock-rooted songs with a little bit of that Americana flavor as well.

Rider and Rolling Thunder – “Main St Shuffle”
-If you like blues rock, you’ll get a charge out of this new track from Rider and Rolling Thunder. The lead guitar is my favorite part by far, but the vocal definitely captures the spirit of the blues as well. This is the type of band you can imagine hearing at a really crowded bar. The crowd all knows that the music will get them moving and the energy is always right. “The main street shuffle’s gonna save this poor boy’s soul.” It’s about as vintage an Americana blues sound as you are going to find in the 21st century. Give it a shot!

Alexander Fals – “Lullaby”
-I really dig the spirit of this song. The lyrics are clear and effective. It’s almost a poetic sensibility to it. I know it’s not conventional rock, but it certainly captures the spirit of the genre. Everything from the understated beat to the sincere vocal resonates with me. Something about the line, “put me to work putting babies to sleep; it’s all my heart can take” hits me unbelievably hard. It’s one thing to write a good song, but it’s another thing to write a song that permeates truth and confession in the way that this track does. Alexander Fals has introduced his songwriting to us and I’m incredibly grateful for it.

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