The Tuesday Special: Great Tracks

Vilde – “Holograms”

This is the sort of expansive indie pop that stays with you. The bass carries “Holograms” beautifully, with just the right amount of guitar echo. Vocally, the young artist knows how to croon in a way that makes you stop all you are doing to melt into a nostalgic musical dream. There is a definite ethereal element to the Aussie artist that will land with all listeners, no matter what their preference.

Sam & Julia – “Easy”

If ever there was an aptly entitled song, “Easy” captures the essence and mood of an exceptional duo. We like the shared vocals on this one as they trade lines rapidly. Sam & Julia will undoubtedly receive comparisons to Kurt Vile, Wilco, and even a little Phoebe Bridgers. Yet, these comparisons get you into the park of their sound, but won’t fully do it justice. There is a certain earnestness and urgency within their sound we appreciate. Musically they let the track breathe with a wall of sonic goodness. We are excited to hear more from the duo.

Ever Onward – “Waves Away”

We never shy away from Post Rock. We love the genre and cover it as much as we can. NY act Ever Onward is a perfect example of why we are so dedicated to the style. His ability to craft building, hopeful, and groundless work, is on par with anything else we have covered. The artist shares that “Waves Away” is a reflection to strive toward being the person you hope to be. This is a hope that the better us is not “waves away”, but within our grasp. Ever Onward is thoughtful and completely compelling.

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