Flora Cash Make us Weepy with “Soul Mate”

Flora Cash has been an act that has always surprised us. The duo who met over Soundcloud interest and eventually married, break any and all expectations we have. What could easily be written off as an electro pop act (and a damn good one), Flora Cash dip in and out of influences as easily as they make tight Platinum Certified singles. Their latest effort, Baby, Its Okay, was released at the beginning of the global pandemic. Since then, they have welcomed their first child and shared a heartwarming amount of intimate moments on their Instagram. We outline this because of the act’s many strengths, their own relationship is the engine that fuels their massive hits. It appears from the outside, and as someone who has spoken to them, that they honestly have a notable romance that drives their art in ways that connect with many listeners. The bond, makes their songs better.

With their latest single from the album, “Soul Mate”, Flora Cash dismantle any doubt of their ability to craft gut-wrenching love songs that both impress and make listeners swoon. A vulnerable and acoustic track, “Soul Mate” plays heartstrings with a more subdued instrumentation, while showcasing how incredible they are at lyricism. For even hardened music critics as ourselves, tracks like this make us a little weepy.

Even if this track is not necessarily your thing, you would benefit from a deeper exploration of their back catalogue.

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