Three mesmerizing singer songwriter songs for late April

Bendik Fiborud – “Tears and laughter”
-If you are a human being, you will find something to relate to in this song. Honestly, the deep human longing and connection in this song is evident from the very start. It allows the spirit of loss to permeate as you listen. The acoustic strings balance carefully with the vocal on a peaceful, engaging style. “I just want to remember the mother you were.” It’s sad, but it’s also so stunningly beautiful. Give this a spin and feel a deep emotional connection.

Duncan Covey – “Pennies and Pounds”
-The characteristic vocal from Duncan Covey here is enough to win my attention. The acoustic guitar work is quite beautiful as well. The combination, though, makes for a listening experience that you want in your life. The overall mood is calming while also evoking a hopeful perspective as well. Appreciate your surroundings and seek the silver lining, “like you know you should.” This is such a lovely little track; give it a spin and put it on your folk playlist.

N Sherman – “Trenches”
-“Each day’s a gift, that’s what they say…” but this song is not about that. This is a song about “day to day trenches” that “pull me down.” Amen to that, my dude. N Sherman is singing a song for the everyday person who is feeling disconnected and down. Something about the juxtaposition of the beautiful guitar and vocal work with the dismal lyrical expressions (I just keeping of the color gray) really resonates with me. This is definitely one of those tracks that will hit people where they are. Hopefully there will be new mercies soon. The song, though, is well worth the exploration and connection.

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