Essential Rock You Need

Gabriel Richards – “Gave Up Light”

The textured sound of Gabriel Richards is a can’t miss for fans of earnest and introspective rock. “Gave Up Light” is a beautiful wave of sound that crashes through genre preference while keeping listener hearts afloat. Gabriel blends anthemic rock with shoe gaze and post rock to craft something truly breathtaking. It is difficult to believe this recording is credited to the UK songwriter alone. It is expansive and arresting; showing the large talent of a breakthrough artist.

Abandon the Fall – “Forever”

While our other editor typically prefers his instrumentals more on the Neoclassical side, I prefer all of the Post Rock available. There is something artistic in how it takes listeners to a different place entirely, while seemingly stopping time and space. Abandon the Fall is a solo project that checks all the boxes we like in our favorite rock genre. Guitars that nostalgically echo, a growing drumbeat that builds throughout, and even the perfect amount of background keys. “Forever” is a great example of both the genre, as well as an artist with loads of talent.

Mutes – “Severe Clear”

It would be too easy for us to classify this as Post-Punk. Instrumentally, we may be more inclined to do so despite the rock mix. The Interpol style is strong with this one, however vocally, it has an elegance to it that reminds us of an almost Incubus style croon. The climactic ending is dark and plays well with acts like Joy Division. With all of these acts in mind, we must shout their distinction among the packs of bands out there. Mutes do their own style and the result is attention grabbing and alluring. “Severe Clear” is a tight but combustible track worthy of adoration.

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