Three indie pop tunes that will inspire a week of joy

Gal Musette – “Honeymoon”
-I always recognize Gal Musette’s name when it comes across my virtual desk because she’s one of the few artists I’ve discovered through blogging that I follow on personal social media. Her vocal quality consistently impresses and the new track “Honeymoon” does not disappoint. Any chance I have to reflect on the joyful experience of my own honeymoon is always a joy; this song does a nice job of incorporating atmospheric effects and some classic indie pop styles to convey the message of what it’s like to move on from the honeymoon. Life is a bit more challenging, but it’s still worth the work of a relationship.

Astronomers – “Guess that’s just life”
-I definitely appreciate the groove of this new track from Astronomers. It’s got a soulful edge to it that pulls me in every time. There’s an energy like we’re all just sitting out on the stoop listening to the local musicians. The production mix is really good on this one. As a former horn player, I have to say I really dig the trumpet highlights as well. If you’re going through something in your life and you’re just making it through, this is a jam that will hit close to home. Enjoy the piano solo and keep life moving even when it hurts. This one really pops and will keep you moving.

Ali Angel – “Play pretend”
-WHEW! This is jam right here. Call it neosoul and get ready to dance. Ali Angel’s vocal is absolutely incredible on this track. The overall mood is exciting. The horns are one of the highlights for me. But if you take the groove and combine it with this incredible vocal talent, you are sure to have a powerful track. If you’re a fan of St Paul and the Broken Bones, you simply MUST hear Ali Angel. This is a song that demands its own place in the front of the stage. Spin it and dance!

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