Hey You! Listen to this! The Week’s Best

Brijs – “Comb”

“Comb” is undeniably cool. Like a throwback to the ’90’s with its influences, the artist shines with a modern wall of sound. It is difficult to classify but it does nod to some familiar acts. Listeners would not be shocked to hear that Ed Nash of likeminded Bombay Bicycle Club collaborated on “Comb”. Brijs has a definite talent for making tracks that resonate as both a lyricist and craftsman of a larger sound experience. Brijs is totally an artist we can get behind.

Sylvia Vaser – “Start Again”

Described as mostly a shoe gaze album, Sleepwalker reflects the exquisite talent of Sylvia Vaser. The Chicago based songwriter shows her skill with the more subdued “Start Again”. Touching on a more expansive dream folk style, the track is timelessly alluring. The self reflective break in the album is a welcomed exception showing the breath of range in one of our favorite new finds. Honestly, we this is the sort of track that can hit you on a visceral level, leaving listeners reflecting and even a little hopeful.

Amos the Kid – “Island of Troubles”

The Canadian act Amos the Kid used his latest project to collaborate with some beloved acts in the Winnipeg music scene. It makes sense when you hear the large and tight sound of “Island of Troubles”. The track has a urgent burn to it that reminds us a little of Springsteen, if he was angry. The collaborative spirit serves the track well with some great shared vocal duties. We have been a big fan of Amos the Kid for awhile now, and with “Island of Troubles” we are even more impressed with his earnestness and talent.

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