Three singer songwriters you’ll want to put on your playlists pronto

Kelly McMichael – “Stepping stone”
-There’s a cool energy to this track that feels like it’s from the 70s. McMichael’s voice has a timeless quality to it that I sincerely appreciate. The production on this track is amazingly well balanced. The lyrics have a narrative style about the music life while matching the groove of the track. Come for the groove, stay for the harmonies. This is a good one.

John Adams – “Amen”
-This song is, well, prayerful. A fitting title, “Amen” captures a sentimental style throughout the track. It’s a request, a longing, for closeness. There’s an evident gospel style to the composition that works really well. If you’ve ever prayed for that “special someone” in your life, this track will resonate powerfully. I appreciate the sincere longing in the character of the vocal as well as the depth of the lyrics.

Matilda Mann – “Doomsday”
-There’s a pop spirit behind this pretty little tune from Matilda Mann. In an indie pop world with artists like Dodie Clark commanding so much attention, it’s nice to hear similar artists like Matilda Mann cultivating a sound of her own as well. The rich textures in the background including what I think is a xylophone (wow!) create a truly unique piece of music. The whole composition serves to make a platform for Mann’s delightful, approachable, and just plain pretty voice. It’s a cute tune that you’ll want on your relaxing, fun pop playlists.

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