Kyle Cox Meets the Muppets and Shines

We have always felt a tremendous amount of admiration for songwriter Kyle Cox. The artist has a unique voice, unafraid of chasing where it may take him. He has an artistic integrity that is rare, especially for someone so early in their career, taking risks while always shining regardless of style. Cox seems to be at his best when he speaks from his heart, and is why we fell in love with his style so early on.

In a move that I totally did not see coming, but still some how makes sense, Cox has decided to release an album of Muppets covers (Kind of Green). At Ear to the Ground, we get TONS of cover tracks sent to us. The amount we typically cover are extremely rare. Many of them are tracks that everyone covers or simply fails to resonate with their own spirit. In true Kyle Cox fashion, he was able to surprise us with his take on a classic while playing at our heartstrings – wrapped tightly around the zany puppets of our youth. To say we love the Muppets, is an understatement. What is so beautiful about the Jim Henson creation is their ability to bridge the gap between us all. On “Rainbow Connection”, Cox is able to capture that childlike joy while still providing instrumentation that is beautiful and hopeful. For the disheartening time we live in, there is a perfect need for art of this variety. Cox does us all a service with his whimsy and talent.

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