Three adult contemporary tracks with incredible vocals to start your week

Oak and Ash – “Keep your light on”
-The easiest comparison for me on this one is Rascall Flatts. I’m sure there are other bands in that vein, but they were always a favorite of mine. The energy is powerful, with tons of pop feel in the mix. The lead vocal soars like a modern country star and the harmonies from the rest of the band are really good. This is one of those tracks that I’m more than happy to call some version of pop rock that’s sure to have some major crossover appeal. Give it a spin if you’re looking for a “top of your lungs sing along” track.

Mia Mormino – “Rapunzel”
-This track has a wonderfully attractive quality to it. It’s just… so cute, like reading someone’s diary where they’re gushing about their crush. It’s artfully poetic, with plenty of imagery you’ll want to steal for your own love notes. Mormino brings an accessible writing style with a crystal clear vocal. It’s endearing, charming, and will definitely stand out in a crowded pop scene. The line about not going to church but wanting to be with someone so much you pray… whew… that got me right there. This is an incredible track. It’s a hidden gem.

Georgia Lines – “No one knows”
-There’s a snappy pop energy to this track that undergirds the overall style. But the understated mix is perfect for this one (at least before the break). The lead vocal is so well done, I’m consistently impressed with every listen. This is about having someone know you intimately well. The beat is enough to get you dancing, but the shifts in tempo make it almost better for a chill out playlist. It’s genre-bending and a song that feels ridiculously unconcerned with trying to sound like anything else. It’s oozing with confidence and an intoxicating intimacy that will have you wanting to put it on repeat in no time.

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