Excellent Weekend Jams

Lex Helgerson – “Paradise Lost”

Whatever style you categorize this as, sign us up for more. With a little dark country tinge, Lex helgerson has a fresh talent to craft completely enthralling tracks. On “Paradise Lost”, she has a certain mix of California cool and heartbreak that reminds us of Jessica Lea Mayfield, Nikki Lane, and yes, Lana Del Rey. The Portland songwriter is one of our favorite singular discoveries this year, and we are sure she will connect to many more than just us holed up blogger types.

Thomas Bowles – “Feel Better”

We have been blessed to come across a damn good amount of talent this year. Perhaps on top of that list, stands firmly Thomas Bowles. Sonically it is utterly captivating, crafting a wall of sound that is atmospheric and a little haunting. Vocally, there is a certain vulnerability we fall in love with each passing line. If you like hard to categorize acts like John Mark McMillan or even The War on Drugs, then you will feel right at home with “Feel Better”. We were already won over by the track, and then the brass kicked in and we we blown away. The anthemic climax is priceless and will find listeners with goosebumps.

The Satellite Station – “Only Human”

There are few artists who are able to craft the sort of compelling catalogue of art like Travis Rue. His heart-on-his-sleeve style folk is confessional and vulnerable. While no artist is able to connect with every track, The Satellite Station make a strong case against this with every release. His songs play especially well for the lonely and downtrodden, but the soaring heights of lyricism give hope to any listener. It is no surprise to hear his singles on a growing list of movies and shows. This is every bit deserving.

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