The Most Expansive (almost) Sounds on the Internet

Good Terms – “Useless Things”

If there is one track that sums up much of pandemic life, it is this one. With a beautiful ache, the lyrics play out with a disregard of possessions. On the surface, it is a sad break up track, but deeper down there are some good statements that can be explored by all. While sonically they may align with a more mature Warped Tour loving audience, we think the best act to compare them to is Minus the Bear. With emotive vocals and guitar work, the act has a similar maturity and direction. We think this one will resonate with many.

The Palava – “Dead Heat”

This UK 5 piece shares the spirit of Ian Curtis. The guitar tone especially has a darker residue while vocally it touched with post punk maturity. They claim that this is their most complete work and closest to indie pop, but we can see underneath that their is something darker lurking. Even with this, there is still a bounce to it that we think is might fit in with a Halloween playlist or two. All this to say, the act has a exceptional talent for pushing genre possibilities.

Northling – “Breaking and Entering”

“Breaking and Entering” has one of the more serene and contemplative intros that we have heard in recent months. This breathtaking sound stays in place when the act share vocal duties, setting a further mood of introspection and maybe even a little melancholy. This definitely leans toward Folktronica, but the sound truly explores the boundaries of this with beauty and intention. Northling show an elegant sound that is in no hurry but will keep listeners enthralled for many listens.

Kowloon – “Hollywood is Under Water”

“When Hollywood is under water, who will teach me how to dress/kiss” is the pointed statement of one of our favorite new tracks. With the foundation of a funky melancholy sound, this artist undoubtedly stands on the shoulders of some of our most endearing artists. Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel find themselves in both his sound and artist bio. Kowloon has the same child like wonder of these acts, while still crafting a line that will force listeners to pay attention lyrically even while they become lost in the groove. The artist finds himself in great company.

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