Three calming neoclassical tracks to bring in the new week

Barry Hudson-Taylor – “Portraits of Jane”
-The calming energy of this track is undeniable. From the very opening lines, there’s an unfolding feeling, like flipping the pages of a new book. Your mind is more interested in what’s going to open up next in each new phrase of the melody. I adore the jazzy elements hidden in what feels like mostly a calming classical piece. The blend of style and the mechanics picked up in the recording really make this one pop for me. I enjoy this and will have it on neoclassical lists for the foreseeable future.

Steve Luck – “The Haven”
-The relaxing sentiment of this track is incredibly rewarding. The opening lines feel like it’s about to paint a picture of a place you’ve never been but would like to go. With each passing line, the listener is invited to imagine something beautiful and engaging. Maybe you flash back to somewhere you’ve been or hope for somewhere you’d like to go. I bet, for many listeners, the song evokes an image of someone you love. This is deeply moving, deeply human music with a genre-defying minimalist piano sentiment that feels folksy, sweet, and classical all in equal elements. It’s a dream and it’s a safe place. It’s beautiful.

Oscar Kowalski – “Blue”
-Wow. This is such a captivating piece of music. Fusing together elements of contemporary blues and modern classical, the track takes on a genre-blending life of its own. I genuinely appreciate the unhurried yet still moving nature of Kowalski’s writing on this one. Some of the little chord changes and unexpected melodic turns give the listener that little endorphin boost that comes with listening to new, creative, exploratory music. It’s both calming and unique, conventionally satisfying while standing out from the crowd. This one is a treat.

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