The Best New Rock

The Luka State – [Insert Girls Name Here]

We have a soft spot for music videos that simply show the act performing. Watching rockers The Luka State perform reminds us how much we miss the connection of a live band. However, with their combustible performance of “[Insert Girls Name Here]”, we had perhaps the best near concert experience we have had in the last year. The band plays with a raw urgency that keeps us completely engrossed in their style of rock. Each member plays with an intensity that crackles with band chemistry. Sometimes, I have our Ear to the Ground intern (my 3 year old son) check out different tracks to get his hard fought critique. This one, he watched from start to finish and declared after that he loves rock and roll. If this isn’t reason enough for you to love the act, I don’t know what is.

Kinda Sorta – “Celebrity”

If this is what rock sounds like in 2021, then sign us up for more. These Detroit rockers wear their earnestness on their sleeves, while ripping through a searing indictment of celebrity culture. With a nod to their hometown, Kinda Sorta play a track that sounds like it was crafted in a garage or basement. The effect gives the vocals a distant vibe that lets the act really jam out. We were reminded of acts like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and some of our favorite garage rock acts. The band knows when to tighten up as well as let the groove play out with expert precision.

Sweet Light – “Canada Camera”

“Canada Camera” is a great introduction to all the things this young band does so well. Their post rock roots thrive on the single, while vocally it has a definite indie rock vibe. The sound is wonderfully modern, while still being able to capture elements we love from rock styles in the last 30 years. Sweet Light craft honest and vulnerable tracks that capture a spirit of nostalgia and longing. This one will land with many and hopefully, bring this fantastic act to the forefront of many listeners.

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