Three new singer songwriters for that midweek energy

Mat Kearney – “Anywhere with you”
-If you’ve been around the commercial singer songwriter scene for a while, Mat Kearney is a known commodity. His music has always had this high level production and the new song “Anywhere with you” is in that vein. The sense of melody and overall quality is incredibly high. Kearney has a familiar voice that will make you feel like you’ve heard him before. Fans of Ben Folds and similar pop singer songwriters will find a lot to like in this approachable, enjoyable love song.

Dylan Cox – “Animals in the kitchen”
-The acoustic energy of this track reminds me of something straight out of the 60s. The charming chord progression creates a feel-good ambiance before the first note is sung. As the listener encounters the lyrics, there’s really a creative unfolding in the song. It’s more than just another singer songwriter tune; it’s a metaphorical reflection on modern day existence. The “liveable lie” line being repeated is… in a word, “harrowing” for me. I like the vibes on this song, but I’ll be honest that the lyrics seep a bit deeper into my soul than I care to address here.

Joshua Radin – “You’re my home”
-We’ve been covering a lot of Radin lately. Sometimes when this happens, I think about accepting fewer from an artist. In Radin’s case, though, I have to say yes. The production is top notch. The songwriting is impeccable. The iconic vocal here continues to inspire and move audiences. This is ostensibly a love song with the power of a pop track, a hearts cry for togetherness and admiration. If you don’t clap and sing along with this one, you might need to go get your heart and ears checked. It’s a joy!

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