Three new folk tunes to capture the promise of springtime

Frances Luke Accord – “Maria”
-If this song feels familiar to you, it’s because we have covered it in the past. This is a new version, so we decided to go ahead and support it as well. There’s an energy in the strings and vocals here that is a “yes!” from me every time. The blending from Frances Luke Accord is always a welcome addition to any playlist. If you’re looking to add to your own folk playlist, you can’t do much better than this duo in 2021. They’re one of the best out there.

Lena Minder – “Nightbirds”
-I love this song. The guitar work is cathartic and the vocal is beautiful. The combination is captivating and calming in the best way possible. As the weather warms and we can stay out a bit later to see the stars, this song is a perfect capture of the dreamlike promise of spring. I love the simultaneous rootedness of the song while dreaming of the future at the same time. Maybe we’ll meet one day and watch the nightbirds fly. What a beautiful piece of music.

Ben Greenberg – “Milk and honey”
-This is an interesting piece of music. The piano is my favorite part. The lyrics will have a lot of folks thinking about prosperity, austerity, and wealth. It will also humble a lot of people. The plainspoken sincerity of the lyrics work well with the jazzy piano work. Greenberg is a recent find for me, but after this song and his incredible “For Nick,” I have a feeling I’ll be spending more time with his discography. He is quite talented and this song is another point of evidence toward that emerging talent.

Image courtesy: Lena Minder IG

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